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Rent out to expats

You can rent your house or apartment with us to expats! We have profiles of foreign workers with good jobs, which are established by major international companies in the Netherlands for a minimum of 1 to 5 years. Hardworking, smart business people who are looking for a rental in Amstelveen, Amsterdam and surroundings for some time.

We can rent your property to an expat if you wish. Over the years we have built up a huge database and network with major international companies in the region. These multinationals are keen to establish their foreign workers near the office (Amsterdam / Amstelveen).

Your house or apartment rent to expats has many advantages:

  • An expat is often highly educated and has a good job; financial security for payment of rent.
  • An expat is a guest in the Netherlands; expatriates therefore behaves as a guest and will do so to his apartment and is a friendly neighbour.
  • An expat would like to live in the region where he works, often this Amstelveen, Amsterdam or Buitenveldert.
  • An expat is always only temporarily in the Netherlands. The expat contracts, therefore, vary from 1 to 5 years. You know for sure that the lease is temporary which gives you the opportunity after the rental period to take the property back itself to use, sell or lease again.

Rent your property to expats in Amstelveen?

The number of expatriates in the Netherlands is increasing every year. The Netherlands is a favorable country for expats because of the tax benefits for foreign workers. In addition, businesses stimulates the deployment of expatriates. An expat often receives compensation from his employer for study, training, education and housing.

The overall profile of the expatriate has changed. The profile was often a male person, however this has today evolved a quarter with now a quarter of all expats in the Netherlands are women.

Amstelveen is the number one expat city in the Netherlands, where more than 7.5% of the population now has an expat. The municipality encourages expat climate and rental to expats because of the attractive economic benefits that entail foreign workers. The municipality of Amstelveen also involves an international school and even a Japanese kindergarten. The largest group of expatriates looking for an apartment is formed by the Indian community, followed by the Japanese community.

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